We added the Jeep Club section in the app because when we purchased our ‘97 TJ in 2015, we had to search and ask around for jeep clubs in our area. We continue to see other jeepers asking this question on jeep pages and forums. There are very few nationwide and worldwide lists of active jeep clubs, so this will be the easiest to access.

This is a free feature for any jeep club to add themselves to the list to be found by any app user. Simply click the “+” in the top right corner of the Club page within the app to add your club!

To further enhance the experience for the club, we offer:

  1. Free service to each club to create their own virtual club buy, sell, trade forum on the app.

  2. Free service to have all club off-road and event videos managed in one place for all members to easily access

  3. Giveaways when certain club membership levels are actively using the app

  4. Discount codes for our partner/sponsor’s products (where and when available)

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