Repair Shop Owners - Do you have customer take-offs or returned merchandise that is taking up space in your shop? Or, do you want to create a new income stream by selling those take-offs to an expanded customer base? This feature is for you!

Retail Business Owners and Sales Managers - Do you have returned, slightly damaged products that are taking up space in your warehouse? Introduce those products to our users to unload those extra parts faster and more efficiently!

Dealership Service Directors - Do you have unwanted take-offs sitting around the shop? Do you throw away perfectly good parts that others would pay to put on their jeep? Want another opportunity to improve your department’s bottom line? Sell those parts through our app.

— Tap into over 100,000 jeepers with our social media options —


  1. Access to 100,000+ jeepers*

  2. Easily list your used parts with your mobile device

  3. Simplified categories for easy searching

  4. Incorporate “tags” for improved view rates

  5. Quickly sell to jeepers nearby or across the country

  6. Improve your bottom line

  7. Flexible tier pricing to only pay for what you list to sell

  8. Social media options available based on your listing program

*with social media options in your purchase



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