Repair Shop Owners - Do you have a unique build that came from your shop? This feature is for you!

Used Dealership Sales Executive - Do you have a unique jeep that has come across your lot? Want to have access to thousands of jeep buyers? Have a special that you want to run? Incorporate it with geo-specific advertising through our app!

— Tap into over 100,000 jeepers with our social media options —


  1. Access to over 100,000 jeepers*

  2. Easily list your used jeeps with your mobile device

  3. Easy search capabilities for users to find your jeep

  4. Incorporate “tags” for improved view rates

  5. Quickly sell to jeepers nearby or across the country

  6. Improve your bottom line

  7. Social media options available based on your listing program

*with social media options in your purchase



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